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I am so amazed at the Internet! What an opportunity for vanity -- or for expressing my point of view! I suppose it depends on how one looks at it!

The title of this page, My Point of View, is far too encompassing to live up to, so for the moment I will simply share a couple of things I wrote and a few things others wrote that say something important for me.

Nota Bene: For many years, I wrote for a living, but what I publish here, I offer as a glimpse into my mind, heart and spirit, and not as literature. I make no presumption as a writer.

In My Words:

Stop It! A story of obsession and letting go! (Written 11 years ago.)

A Fairy Tale. You could say this is autobiographical. (It doesn't matter when it was written.)

In the Words of Others:

The Sufi Farmer's Horse. A tale about seeing the world without judgment.

The Wishing Tree. I believe my thoughts create my reality. Do you?

The Secrets of the Universe. Brad Jensen's Step-by-Step Guide to Prosperity.

Aphorisms that speak for me. A collection.

Things We Can Learn From A Dog. Wise and funny lessons by example.

Abou Ben Adhem, everyone's favorite poem, by Leigh Hunt.

Ride a Wild Horse, by Hannah Kahn. Good advice in a poem.

Signature, the poem my mother dedicated to me, by Hannah Kahn.

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