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When we got to Adelaide I was much happier ... there are beautiful beaches nearby, and we walked along a pretty winding river that wends its way through the center of the city. Adelaide is full of parks, quaint architecture with a nostalgia for England, and as cities go I found it delightful.

We stayed with a friend there and took a couple of night's side trip to see the wildlife of Kangaroo Island ... there we were to see more kangaroos, have a chance to cuddle a koala, and play with an echidna, a kookaburra actually laughed at us from an old gum tree and we visited Seal Bay’s colony of Great Australian Sea Lions.

One of the most remarkable spectacles on Kangaroo Island, was called, (naturally) Remarkable Rocks, gigantic wind sculpted rocks on a granite precipice overlooking the sea. To give you an idea of the scale of these rocks, click on the photo below to see a close up of the small space ship shaped rock.

After a quick stop back in Adelaide, we headed up the Great Coast Road, home to spectacular sandstone sculptures in the sea and the Portland lighthouse, where we stayed in the Lightkeeper’s Quarters, and on to Melbourne.

Scenes from the Kangaroo Island and the Great Coast Road.

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