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Resources for Webmasters

If you want to design and publish your own web site, you'll find reviews below of sites and tools I used to gain the skills I apply today -- from HTML design and coding (don't be intimidated, basic HTML is much easier than you think!) to Photoshop (okay, now it's okay to feel intimidated, but it's worth the learning curve.) There are also some pointers for information on SEO forums -- after all, the most beautiful site in the world needs to be found in the search engines if it is to be worth your effort! (FYI: for visiting link builders: this is NOT a link exchange page!)

HTML - Tutorials and Help - The Basics

HTML Goodies - Free HTML tutorials and help, images, color codes and more for the web developer. Featuring tutorials on HTML tags, programming, basics, JavaScript, frames, hex codes and more. Our weekly newsletter provides the latest information for developers. From newbie to pro, this site has just about everything you need to use HTML effectively, and then some.
W3C HTML Home Page - This is W3C's home page for the HTML Activity. Here you will find pointers to our specifications for HTML/XHTML, guidelines on how to use HTML/XHTML to the best effect, and pointers to related work at W3C.
NCSA- A Beginner's Guide to HTML - NCSA's original beginner's guide to creating and coding HTML. This is how I got my start. I followed their tutorial and in a couple of hours I had my first web page published.
Writing HTML - This easy tutorial goes through every HTML tag, explains things about it, and it makes you create a sample website.
HTMLHelp.com - Maintained by the Web Design Group to provide reference material, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. The Web Authoring Reference includes the HTML 4.0 Reference, the HTML 3.2 Reference, and a guide to cascading style sheets. The site also offers an HTML validator and a good deal of information on design elements, including a handy list of RGB color codes. The FAQ includes general issues as well as a CGI programming FAQ.
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML - this award winning site has the basics - it lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions. Version 4.0 of the Guide is designed to conform to the HTML 4.0 specification. The guide is available to download in several formats (plain text, html and .zip) and 21 languages.
KillerSites.com - Web design articles, tips and tutorials. Creating sites with templates, free stock photography, info on domain registration, video courses on HTML.

Look Before You Leap: Don't get started without having a look at what NOT to do. Check out the Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design and Web Pages That Suck. WPTS includes the The Biggest Web Design Mistakes of 2004, and a Daily Sucker feature. There are also links to tools for fixing your mistakes, including OptiViewQuickScan: a free 10-page site check for bloated and duplicate images that slow web page loading and a Browser Cam to check out how your site looks in a variety of browsers.

About.Com's Web Design/HTML page offers tools and articles on everything from basic HTML, a tag library, style sheets, javascripts, hosting to articles on promotion and meta-tags. A very comprehensive resource for beginning and advanced web designers.

HTML - Education

The HTML Writers Guild - Web design training and certification. The guild has provided online web design training to more than 45,000 individuals interested in web design and development since 1998. Courses cover a breadth of web work, from html to Flash; from Dreamweaver to Photoshop. Each online web class is taught by experts and working professionals in the field. You can sign up for a free trial membership and newsletter. Members get a discount on classes. There are also mail lists and discussion groups to put you in touch with others who can help.

Search Engines - Optimization and SEO Forums
Search Engine Watch
This is the place to start when you want to study search engine placement. A must have membership. There is lots of good, free information here and a valuable free newsletter, but if you are going to be professional, the members only area is a wealth of information.
Search Engine Marketing Forums
Discussion of search engine issues among SEO professionals.

Another great place for those who are new to SEO is DIY SEO, Where Do I Begin? from Jaan Kanellis' Search Marketing Blog. It covers topics such as internal navigation, linking, tracking, content structure and other considerations for the beginning SEO. The page has a nice collection of design and marketing resources, as well.

Photoshop - Graphic Design Software

There are other graphics programs but none are as powerful as Photoshop. Even if you only master the basics, you will find this program invaluable to your website development.

Basic Photoshop Help

When I learned Photoshop, I had to resort to books, and I don't find learning computer skills from printed matter to be an easy way to acquire new skills. About.com has made it easier for you with Adobe Photoshop Basics, a free online class taught by mail. If I had to do it all over, this is where I'd start.

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