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“Thanks! I am getting quite a bit of business for my (your) website … I got three calls today, while I was fishing, from my website.“ Key West Fishing
Captain Craig Eubank

"Awesome! I'm happy to know that you continue to work on improving our site and making it better from a search & link standpoint. Thanks for all you do for our businesses."
~ Scott Saunders of Key West
and Fury Cat Key West Water Attractions.

"As always, you are very much appreciated." Paul Joseph, Key Colony Beach Realty: Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

"When we hired you we were selling 15 units a month. In March a year later, we sold an average of more than 15 units a day." Deborah Corrao, Mosquito Magnet Depot



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What to Look For in an SEO Consultant? Results!

It’s that simple … how easy is it to find *their* site in Google and other important search engines? How many case studies can they show you to prove they have performed for other clients?

Something else to look for: Articles on their site explaining search engine optimization. For example, read this article on SEO Top Ten Tip. Articles like this on their site (or elsewhere) can help you understand the SEO consultant’s approach to optimization and demonstrate their knowledge of the process.

Whether the firm publishes articles on search engine optimization or not, expect them to explain in detail how they can improve your search engine placement.

Ask them:

1. What method do they use to analyze your current position?
2. What sort of keyword research do they do? What are their sources?
3. Will they analyze your targeted keywords and recommend additions and changes to your copy and content?
4. Who will make the recommended changes? Some will give you recommendations for your webmaster; others will implement themselves.
5. What about architecture (link structure and other elements) of your site? How will that be changed to enhance search engine optimization? If they change file names they should perform a 301 redirect from any old files to the new. This is critical.

If they are vague about their SEO strategy, look elsewhere.

Expect your SEO consultant to have a strong emphasis on link development. It’s fine to make some exchanges with relevant sites, but you need a lot of one way links to really make an impact on your position in the search results (SERPs). Those strategies should include a mix of article writing (like this), press releases, blogging and blog commenting (on relevant sites only) and perhaps forum contributions.

Any good SEO plan should include a social media program. At the very least, your articles and blog posts should be bookmarked in at least one social bookmarking site and broadcast on Twitter and Facebook.

Expect to participate in the program. To reach the top of the search engines today requires regular content generation such as blogging and article writing. You’ll need to develop a following on Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to contact their clients and do your own checking on the client’s site in the SERPs. Send them an email and ask for a reference.

What to avoid: Firms that rely entirely upon link trades or directory submissions. These can be helpful, but they are less and less important to search engines.

Run from anyone offering a guarantee of top placement. From Google’s guidelines: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO firms that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a “special relationship” with Google.”

Avoid like the plague: SEO firms which use cloaking or doorway pages. This is considered spam and when caught, can get your site banned from Google for life.

You may find it helpful to read Google’s own guide on Search Engine Optimizers for webmasters.

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