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You've got a website: now what? Just having a web site is not enough. It's not as simple as "Build It and They Will Come!" You have to drive traffic to the site. You have to market your site - both to the search engines and to potential customers. But How?

A good marketing campaign starts with the basics: identify your market. Once identified, it's time to put your site in front of them ... and on the internet, that usually means you have to get your site listed in the search engines - preferably on the first page of results.

There are two basic ways to go about that: through the free results and through advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google and Yahoo! are the quickest way to the top. And every site should be optimized so that it finds its way to the top of the free results.

Let us know when you are ready for traffic: Affordable Small Business SEO; websites designed with the search engines, and *your* business' budget in mind.

PHP Development

When you need to Hire a PHP developer consult with GetAProgrammer for the PHP development services. Your team works in tandem with in-house WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Opencart developers to meet your professional website development needs and to find programming solutions for your site.

Guest Posts and Other Great Post Penguin Ideas

In Google's continued assault on low quality, many of the old ways to obtain incomijng links are no longer fo value - but publishing great content on someone else's blog remains a viable source. Some sites I like that accept quality posts include Holistic Health and Fitness, a colofrful, well organized blog with a nice SEOmoz Domain Authority of 39. I particularly like the recent post on a dolphin meditation retreat in Key West.

Christmas Gift List

In honor of Christmas Giving, I want to thank a few of the many folks who have made a difference in my life and business online.

A large part of how I keep up to date with SEO is dependent on others who share their wealth of information on webmaster forums such as WebProWorld, V7N and SEOWorkers.

Doc Sheldon offers more than a remedy for what ails a webmaster - he offers excellent SEO copywriting at reasonable rates. Derek Price (V7N's Snakeair) offers both premium and free Wordpress themes. In addition to spending hours and hours helping online, HTML Basic Tutor does a great job of living up to her name on her website. Most webmasters could learns something about Basic HTML Code in these tutorials. Cricket Walker, the truly inspiring leader of V7N, offers training for webmasters on both her web development blog xand her through a free SEO Training seminar she runs:.

V7N's Muddy lends great wit to the boards and boasts the "Biggest Selection of Purdy and Wooster on the Net!" on his site. 'Purdy and Wooster?' I'd not heard the name and thought it must be a playful spoof on Wooster and Jeeves , but no: it's a brand name for paint brushes and other paint supplies!

Other moderators or forum members who have made a difference:

I also want to give a gratitude link to two bloggers who educate me - Patent Analyst Bill Slawski of SEO by The Sea and Michael Martinez who's advanced SEO techniques and hard core SEO Tips have inspired and educated so many.

Thank you ALL and Merry Christmas!

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Search Engine Optimization- Internet Marketing - PPC Campaigns

It takes time to get a website established in the free results; newer websites often must rely on Pay Per Click (PPC) and other forms of targeted advertising to drive targeted traffic. Companies such as AdDynamix Self Serve Advertising handle campaigns for both new and established websites, and offer tracking tools for real time monitoring and ROI calculation.

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