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The Future of Search Engine Optimization - Cutting Edge SEO Techniques

Rich Snippets, microformats, RDFa Resources
Insights From Google Patents

Google the term “cutting edge” SEO and you might get the impression that advanced SEO techniques fall into the realm of black hat SEO. But there is much SEO development that is perfectly search engine guideline-compliant.

Some advanced techniques may not yet be part of the algorithm, but forward thinking SEOs are prepared for the future. For example, John Britios of SEO Workers (known better as Webnauts on SEO forums) regular scours the latest Google Patents to uncover what Google might be implementing down the line, and he and his team develop ways to integrate those possibilities into sites they are currently developing.

In the same vein, Britios has brought the use of rich snippets and RDFas to his website before Google has announced support. Visitors who comment on his articles (such as this one on optimizing for local search - ) are invited to rate what they’ve read and the ratings are marked up in rich snippets. Google does currently support this sort of mark up for some types of reviews – such as restaurants – and Britios apparently hopes that Google will expand their support to article reviews.

RDFa, Microformats & Rich Snippets Resources

Studying Google Patents

Want in-depth clues about what makes the Google algo go round? And what’s coming? Studying Google’s patents for clues to the algorithm is one of the only clear windows into how Google’s engineers think.

A patent awarded to Google this past May, Ranking documents based on user behavior and/or feature data, this offers some interesting possible insights.

The patent suggests the calculation of PageRank might include such things as the location of a link on a page, the size or color of the font, as well as the various aspects of the context and the source. The patent also explores user behavior that might be collected from a toolbar and its potential impact on PageRank.

Is this a glimpse of Google to come? Probably not. The patent was awarded in May, but the application was filed 6 years ago. Chances are pretty good that much that is revealed by the patent has already been incorporated into the search giant's algorithm. Advanced SEOs will want to study the patents themselves, but for those with not so much time, Bill Slawski seems to have made a career out of distilling what the Google and other search patents contain.

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