Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Photo Bloggers

by GuestBlogStar on January 29, 2013

When you set up your WordPress photo blog did you skip through the plugin section thinking, ‘I don’t need any of that’ only to later sit in front of your traffic stats and wonder how to get more action on your blog?  Perhaps you shouldn’t have skipped through the plugin page so fast. Go back and use this guide to find out which WordPress plugins would be perfect for your photo blog. These plugins won’t bring traffic banging on your blog door (though All In One SEO will help), but they are part of the overall picture – and can improve user experience – a must for building an audience for your photography.

I-Max Width – Measures your images effortlessly

Ever spent way too many minutes trying to get that one photo to fit flawlessly on the page without disturbing your text or resizing the photo itself? Well the WordPress plugin I-Max Width can help you out. It has been designed with a blog like yours in mind and automatically adjusts every image to fit in the content column of any WordPress theme. All you have to do is set a pixel maximum; now neither your images nor your theme becomes distorted when the photo appears on your page.

Let Facebook “Like” Your Images

Facebook is the king of social media, so installing a Facebook Like plugin on your blog straight away will enhance your stats and bring you a bit further into the 21st century, too. This plugin allows you to add a Facebook ‘like’ button to your blog. You will have control over where the button appears and if it features images of those who liked your blog post or just the count of Facebook Likes. (Consider a Google+ button as well – G+ is not as popular as Facebook, and may never be – but Google uses those likes as a positive ‘signal’  part of its search algorithm, and so is useful for SEO (search engine optimization). Which brings us to the next plugin.

All-In-One SEO

All In One SEO Pack plugin logo So maybe you understand a little bit about SEO or maybe nothing at all, either way with the use of All-In-One SEO your blog will be more search engine friendly. In order for search engines like Google to see your site and rank it in its results page the search engine needs to comprehend what your site is about.  Having a plugin for your Search Engine Optimization will help make a connection between your blog and search engines a lot easier. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of SEO in order to understand how to use the plugin, just install it and All-In-One SEO will add fields below each post to prompt you to fill in page titles, descriptions and other “SEO” elements. Don’t keyword stuff – just accurate describe your content and you’re search engine quotient will rise.

WP-Cycle:  a slideshow for your blog

WP-Cycle is a plugin that creates a running flow of image slides on a site and you can link them to a page or post. The slideshow pauses when the visitor hovers over the image.

Bring Flickr to your WordPress

The Flickr plugin for WordPress allows you to bring all your Flickr photosets into your WordPress blog. It provides a simple template which you can customize to fit the feel of your theme. You can also modify it to have a light box-style popup overlay display, and it also allows your visitors to comment on your photos without leaving your site to go to Flickr.

As long as your blog is hooked up to your Flickr account, when you post new photos to Flickr they’ll automatically appear on your WordPress blog too. It will bring in traffic from your Flickr page to your WordPress page and vice versa.

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