Will You Defend our Democracy?

by mjtaylor on May 11, 2017

Lady Liberty is Under Assault

Lady Liberty by Earth Crusher

If you’re American, chances are you grew up with the idea that we live in a democracy, that we have a representative government. But there’s also a good chance that you haven’t truly participated in that democracy. A true democracy depends upon the participation of an educated public. Voting is not enough – it was NEVER enough. ONE EXAMPLE: We would not have GOP control of both houses and many state governments, achieved through gerrymandered districts, if we had been paying attention. Another EXAMPLE: We would not have allowed Democrats to abandon unions and embrace corporations if we were taking part in the political process in meaningful ways.

And another: If a significant number of us participated, we would be able to overturn Citizens United – and we would be able to demand Single Payer healthcare and college for all, if that’s what, as a People, we wanted.

But even today, with all the people who have stood up to march in the Women’s March, we are still not there. Despite the daily barrage of what the White House is doing, we are letting it become “normal.” We are still distracted and complacent.

So, I ask you: how often do you participate? How often do you take part in protests? How often do you call your legislators? When was the last time you went to any sort of political gathering – whether a grass roots organization, a political party meeting, a local commission meeting, a protest or a march? What campaigns have you supported with $5 or $10? Ossoff in Georgia? Or Quist in Montana, Parnell in SC?

If you are willing to let Trump and the GOP continue to destroy our healthcare, fill the Supreme Court with conservative justices, give Big Oil the okay to drill in our national parks and offshore waters, and continue to undermine whatever shreds of democracy we have left, then keep doing what you’re not doing.

If you ARE taking action, I’d like to hear about it. And I would like to work together to take back our democracy.

I have a couple of suggestions of actions you can take:

1) Pick an issue every day and make a phone call to a legislator and express your wishes. Local action is as important as national – maybe more important.

2) Share that issue on social media and encourage others to make those calls.

Join the ACLU

Because Freedom Can't Defend Itself

3) Join the ACLU. The ACLU has stopped Trump’s travel ban twice now, and, continues to fight against incursions against our civil rights by this administration and by state governments. Historically, the ACLU has been part of more than 50% of all cases before the US Supreme Court. I didn’t realize that until I got active with the ACLU this year. join here: ACLU-Home.

4) Choose another important organization and contribute to their coffers (even $5 matters!) and attend their local meetings.

5) Contribute to the campaigns of House seats where a Democrat could take back a seat from the GOP, such as the three I mentioned above – you can contribute $5 or $10 or more here to contribute to those 3 races.

6) Share that link to your timeline to encourage others.

What would you add to this list? What else are you doing or are you willing to commit to doing to defend our democratic way of life?

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