Will One Post Change The Position of a Page in the SERPs?

by mjtaylor on December 16, 2011

A few years ago, I (in collaboration with the client’s webmaster) created a new section of content for a Key West Realtor’s site. It was a tourist guide to area events, attractions, shopping, restaurants and bars. We added 6 or 7 new pages of content – all linking to area websites.

The webmaster also created a menu page for the site: http://www.rudymolinet.com/key-west/ but as an experiment we decided not to create any internal links to it and see how Google treated it.

Frankly, I forgot about it and I did create a few links to it from the Morestar Article Directory.

Anchor Text of the Links From Morestar

And forgot about it again. But today when I was searching key west visitor guide I was surprised to find it in G’s SERPs at #12. It’s not a highly searched, competitive term (380 a month). It doesn’t rank nearly as well for terms related to the anchor text of the links (#31 for guide to key west, for example), but those terms are searched twice as often and are more competitive locally. The page also reflects no toolbar Pagerank.

So, I thought I would create this post, using the URL only see whether one more link will affect its position.


Update 11/05/2012: the page moved up one position to #11.  Of course, another site could have moved down a notch, so I can’t conclude this post is the cause.

Link Building 101.

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