Why You Need To Be On Google+ Now!

by Lewis Love on August 26, 2013

I hate blog posts that dictate to small businesses that they should be on every social network going. I’m a big believer in picking a couple of networks and sticking to them. It’s easy to set up a new account on the latest network, but it’s a lot harder to develop a strategy for it and continue with your current work on the social networks you’re already on. As such, signing up to every network is something that I would recommend against, and because of this I also despise those articles spouting why the newest network is a must for anyone in fashion, commerce, business, etc. Unfortunately, this is how this post may come across, but I assure you that this isn’t just another fad of a network. Google+ is here to stay and I think now is the time to start working on your strategy.

Why Google+ Now?

Google+ highlighted in tear off tabs of social media networksGoogle+ isn’t the newest network on the block, but it’s still relatively young in comparison to Twitter and Facebook. For many this means it won’t be something they’ve actively pursued already, and for good reason. The amount of social networks, tech start-ups that fail within the first year or so is massive. Plowing your marketing efforts into a network that may not ever produce any results is not a good idea for any marketer. At the same time, though, this makes it an exciting prospect for others who see it as a risk worth taking. Getting on social networks earlier is always a good option, partly to secure your brand presence, but also to start to develop your strategy and gain those early adopters as fans before your competitors do. In my opinion, Google+ has now reached the age that makes it an exciting opportunity for those who are a little bit more conservative about how they spend their marketing budgets.

Social Plus Search?

Backed by Google, it is a network that is most similar to Facebook, although it does differ in a number of ways. The biggest difference that has come to light over the past couple of days is whether or not Google+ links and shares influence search engine performance. In short, Moz ran a scientific correlation study and discovered that, after page authority, Google +1’s are more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. As an internet marketing consultant, this news was very exciting to me. I have found that social media marketing has traditionally been excellent for customer retention, and building your brand, but not worked so well for acquiring new clients and securing big sales. If Google+ really does influence search engine ranking factors, this could combine the effective brand building opportunities of social media with the lead generation benefits of SEO. For me, this could be the start of something really big.

You still need a strategy of course, but getting on Google+ now is something that I’m currently recommending to all of my clients. What about you? Are you on Google+ already or is this just another post that you’ll be ignoring as you don’t have enough time to engage with another social network?

  Lewis Love is an internet marketing consultant based in Derbyshire, UK. He’s written two bestselling books on social media marketing and loves helping small businesses figure out their marketing strategy for long-term growth.

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