Why Guest Posts Are Like Bridges

by GuestBlogStar on January 2, 2013

No matter what your website or business is about, guest posting on other blogs is a fantastic way to grow your traffic and increase your customer base.

When you first create a website, it exists all by itself on an island in the middle of the sea of the Internet. The only way that people can find this isolated island is by searching for it and more often than not they will pass by it without setting foot on its shores. In order to increase the number of people who visit your island, you need to make it more accessible from all directions.

Every time you make a connection with another blog and get a guest post published, you are building a bridge from their site to your own. This is like building a bridge from another island to your island, allowing all of the guests from that island an easy route to visit yours. The more bridges you build from other islands all around you, the more visitors you will receive.

Why is a Guest Post like a Bridge?

A guest post acts like a bridge because it connects the blog that you are guest posting on with your blog, creating a pathway which readers can travel over to your website. The topic that you choose for a guest post must be a topic which creates a relevant intersection between the other blog and your website.

When you choose the right topic it will make readers want to walk across the bridge and see what is on the other side.

If your guest post has the wrong tone you might end up burning bridges when guest blogging rather than building them!

The owner of the other blog will not want to accept your guest post if it is not relevant to the niche topic of their blog. They want to provide their readers with top notch content, not irrelevant marketing spam. This is why your guest posts need to be interesting, informative and very helpful.

Blog logo on bridge

Building a Solid Bridge

If you want lots of people to come and visit your website, you will need to build good bridges which will not collapse under their own weight. A well written and relevant guest post will form a strong bridge which brings plenty of visitors to your “island”.

You don’t want your guest post topic to come off as an advertisement, so don’t make it too focused on the product that it is promoting. Make sure that the hyperlink that you include is inserted into the article subtly and naturally so that it is not too obvious.

For example, if your company sells sarongs and you are guest posting on a travel blog, a topic which would bridge the two together would be something like “Top Ten Items to Pack on a Tropical Holiday” or “What to wear at a Beach Destination”. These topics are relevant to the readers of the travel blog because they are about travel, but they can also be tied into your product and lead readers to your blog, website or online store.

However, if the blog that you were guest posting on was about fashion design, you could instead write a post about the traditional batik tie-dying processes originating in Southeast Asia which are used to make sarongs. This is still relevant to your product, but it is also tailored to the interests of the readers of the fashion design blog. If this post is interesting and well written it will bring those readers over to your website to check out what you have to offer.

Remember, guest posts are like bridges, so build as many as you can to welcome over visitors.

Every time you write a guest blog on another site you are building a bridge back to your blog, so build it well!

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