What Copywriting Can Teach You About Life

by Chris Hoole on August 3, 2012

I dropped out of an office job with a large creative Agency to freelance, and while it’s true that I still pick up work from them occasionally, by and large, I’ve learned more about copywriting – and life – than I ever did working at a desk in a creative agency.  I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve learned.

Skills and Life Lessons Learned From Copywriting

It’s not just good grammar and content that copywriting teaches.  If you’re really keen to get ahead in the world, copywriting and working as a freelance copywriter can teach you so much.

  1. There’s an angle to everything – in other words, if you can’t see the value in something, look at it from a different angle.  When I left the job I was in, I couldn’t see how I’d reconcile my needs with what I wanted to do.  It was, for a while, a drastic slice of income that just…vanished.  But it freed up my time to do lots of other stuff, and let me look at the world in a different way.  And that generated a whole different level of income – one which I couldn’t have otherwise predicted.  I also discovered a love and passion for writing that I never thought I’d ever see again.  It had become dull for me – my job – now it’s something I do for fun, and profit.
  2. Poorly constructed sucks - it might seem like an odd life lesson to pull from copy, but there’s a lot about copywriting that people don’t know.  But everyone instinctively knows that poor content doesn’t sell.  If that’s something that we know instinctively, why do we go into other areas of our lives half-heartedly? Alternatively though, isn’t it sometimes true that the best planned stuff doesn’t work, and spontaneous is the best way forward?  I’ve found both for copywriting, and life.


  3. Reading isn’t just for school – my flatmates don’t understand why I’m ‘antisocial’ one day a week – I don’t even use it to catch up on the blogs I read (I do that in the morning) – instead, I use it to actually read.  For fun.  To catch a new perspective on content somewhere, or, even better, look at something that someone else has done and deconstruct it.  I take notes sometimes – and use that for blog posts – or I just enjoy the moment, and keep my brain active.  Writing constantly takes its toll and unless you’re careful you’ll find that you’re behind and need to recharge in a bad way.  Which is why I take one evening every week, in solitude, to read.
  4. Anything is manageable, with goals – Oh, I used to hate deadlines.  I used to hate them so much that I ignored them until the last minute and then, everything turned into a crazy mad rush.  Said crazy mad rush would then turn into bumping other deadlines, and before I knew it, when something went wrong, I was stuck.  Living in a high impact environment works for some – for me, it just felt like my soul was being sucked out. So now, I set myself goals.  I work towards those goals daily.  And if I can’t make it, I adjust my plans until I can.
  5. Everything can be fun – if you’ve got the right frame of mind. The final thing I learned from copywriting is that everything can be fun.  Absolutely everything.  If you’ve got the right frame of mind, you can make everything and anything enjoyable.

Copywriting teaches life skills – like many other jobs, but I’ve learned more freelancing than I ever thought I could.

Copywriter Chris Hoole

Working as an SEO copywriter is amazing – it teaches skill sets that every writer and every creative needs to succeed.

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