Ways to Gain More Followers for Your Brand on Pinterest

by GuestBlogStar on October 1, 2012

Simple Tips for Powerful Pinterest Branding

Many businesses are now realizing the power of Pinterest when it comes to increasing their brands’ fan base. This is not surprising at all considering that the number of users of the virtual bulletin board site has grown considerably since its launch in March 2010. In fact, between July 2011 and July 2012 alone, the site grew by an astounding 5,124% . Such significant growth has provided a lot of marketing opportunities for many businesses.

With such statistics, it’s apparent that consumers are predominantly utilizing Pinterest to find things that they feel relevant. Hence, if you are a business owner and you would like to tackle Pinterest to increase your brand’s own following, below are some useful tips how you can do so.

Start Pinning

Just Pin ItKeep in mind that people will only follow you if you share content. So if you have an idle Pinterest account, it’s about time that you start pinning on it. Create boards that provide useful information to the crowd. The key is for you to publish posts that are related to your industry and business and not just about your brand. Avoid hard selling your product or service or you might end up having your account tagged as a spam. At the most you would like to create variety so that people will be interested on repinning and sharing your posts.

Don’t Forget Your Profile

Similar to other social networking site, one of the most essential things you need to do to build your brand on Pinterest is to fill up your profile completely. Remember that as one of your social media pages, your Pinterest account will serve as an introductory platform of your business for your would-be customers. Hence, it is important that you establish a first impression that people will like.

Be Creative

As a visual playground, Pinterest is a site that takes great pride on creativity. Therefore, if you want to showcase the creative side of your business, take the time to pin posts that are unique and you can call your own. More than just re-pinning other people’s content, most Pinterest followers are interested to see, share, and follow a brand who knows how to set itself apart from the competition.

Learn To Optimize

When you pin a content on Pinterest, your main goal is for that content to be found. For that to happen you need to optimize your posts as well. Come up with the right titles and descriptions for all your boards. Captions, keywords and the use of hashtags are also important to make sure that both people and search engines will be able to find your content.

Sync Other Social Media

If you maintain a website for your brand and other social networking accounts, it is highly recommended that you sync them with your Pinterest account. This will make it easier for you and for other users to share your content and will also help generate traffic on your other social networking pages.

Engage With Other Users

This strategy is straightforward. If you want other people to pin and share your content, then you should also do the same for them. And if you want them to follow your brand, you must learn how to interact with them. Take the time to reply to comments and ask questions. By doing these, you will be able to strike a chord with your prospective customers, which in turn will help generate tons of feedback for your brand.

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