The 10 Commandments Of Google+

by GuestBlogStar on September 25, 2013

All the webmaster forums are abuzz with debates on whether Google +1s influence rankings.  Moz said they did, then took it back after  Google Spam Master Matt Cutts said a correlation does not a cause and effect make.  Eric Enge tested and said no, there’s no cause and effect, but Mark Traphagen made a test of his own which might indicate otherwise. The jury is still out, but what is clear is that interaction on Google+ seems to be correlated highly with prominent search results. And more and more, those who are interested in web promotion and search marketing are clear that Google+ is a place to be.

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Just for fun, here are the 10 Commandments of Google+. Please feel free to apply to other social platforms – it will make you more socially acceptable.

Commandment #1: Thou shalt pay it forward.

Was one of your Google+ buddies kind enough to +1 or share something you posted? How sweet! Now return the favor. +1s and shares are huge with Google and give your page a major boost. Don’t be stingy, or the activity on your page will fizzle, not sizzle.

Commandment #2: Thou shalt not steal another’s thunder.

Your friend posted a hilarious BuzzFeed article on the 17 ways that Miley Cyrus is similar to a used Kleenex. She got 54 +1s and 12 shares. Instead of sharing it like those 12 very kind people did, you were a Bitter Betty and posted it on your own—without attributing credit. -10 points for you.

Commandment #3: Thou shalt not abuse hashtags.

Hashtags are a must. Write about whatever you want–#cosmetics or #politics or #unemployment or #vegetariancooking. Just don’t forget to hit that pound sign. With hashtags, other users will be on your page like white on rice.

Commandment #4: Thou shalt know when to shut the heck up.

We don’t need to know when you wake up, floss, gargle, put a sock on, eat a bagel, put the other sock on, or … well, you get the picture – we don’t want to know.  Share-worthy? I think not. The idea is to capture people’s attention, not give them the disgusting blow-by-blow of your personal hygiene habits.

Commandment #5: Thou shalt include a website link.

Google+, like most social media platforms, has special places for you to put links to your company website or your blog or your whatever. Use them! Drive traffic! Go!

Commandment #6: Thou shalt post photos, like, a lot.

People love having something pretty to look at—so much so, that photos get shared about seven times more than plain text alone.

Commandment #7: Thou shalt utilize circles.

You may THINK that everyone in your Google+ family wants to see every post; they don’t. That’s why Google gives you the opportunity to organize them! Friends, family, coworkers, drinking partners—specify who you want to see a specific post instead of blasting it out to everyone.

Commandment #8: Thou shalt join communities

Seriously.  They’re wonderful. Communities provide a great opportunity for networking, self-promotion, and research.  And there are multiple communities for literally everything, from gardening to endangered species to dust bunnies – not to mention social media and SEO.


Commandment #9: Thou shalt not be self-absorbed.

We know your life is fascinating, but broaden your horizons maybe just a tad.  Your buddies will appreciate what a wealth of knowledge you are, which means…lots o’ Google+ activity!  Yay!

Commandment #10: Thou shalt realize the potential.

Google+ maybe be the smelly kid in class right now, but it’s projected to surpass Facebook in just a few short years. Hop on that bad boy now. Google is taking over the world. Google owns me, you, and your grandmother. If you can’t beat ‘em…sign up for an account.


Megan Grant is a writer who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s a social media junkie and avid SEO blog reader (her favorite is the ADvise Media Group blog). When not dreaming up creative Google + posts, Megan can be found at working out at the gym. She also enjoys knitting, gardening and cooking.

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