Ten Reasons I Have No Doubt Bernie Can Win the General

by mjtaylor on February 7, 2016

1. Most polls indicate that Bernie wins more easily against GOP candidates than the other candidates. Check the head to head polls. Also be sure to check the latest Quinnipiac poll that shows where Bernie’s support lies … Hillary is only winning among  the older Democrats now  …

2. Bernie has fired up a whole heck of a lot of people who have not ever voted or who haven’t voted in years! The People – and there are sooooo many, who are disillusioned with Establishment politics are VERY interested in Bernie and are very likely to vote for the first time in years or ever. I have met many IRL and online. If you look at Bernie’s record in Vermont, you can see that voter turnout doubled since he started running. He empowers and energizes people.

3. The Youth, whom we can count among the group in point #2, are CRAZY about Bernie and excited to get to vote for someone who is really thinking about them, their needs and their future.

4. Bernie has remarkably broad support among Republicans. I have met several who have switched party registration to vote for him in the primary. I have one of them on record on one of my videos. I have met others on and offline. I often talk to Trump supporters who tell me that if it was anyone other than Trump they would vote for Bernie.

5. Independents. Independents (and remember Bernie was one, too) comprise 45% of our electorate! Forty five per cent! And Independents are very favorably inclined to Bernie. OTOH,  6 out of 10 of them do not trust Hillary.

6. Speaking of Independents, I was one, too, and like many others I know, I registered for the first time as a Dem this year to vote for Bernie in the Florida primary.

7. Hillary is hated, no, ABHORRED by the Republicans and will drive Reps to the polls to defeat her and we will end up with almost no liberal representation in Congress. And very likely with a GOP president. But even if she squeaked in, she would face an even stronger GOP Congress because of gerrymandering.

I also have more faith in Bernie’s ability to work with the Republicans (and to sweep more progressives into office – his people are powerfully behind him.) Bernie has the distinction of having passed more amendments to other people’s bills than any other member of Congress in its history. OTOH, Hillary sponsored and passed 3 bills in her tenure and none of them were significant. Congress hated her when she was First Lady and they will be worse to her than they have been to Obama in the highly unlikely event that she gains the office. Bernie works well with others, and many  on the other side of the aisle who don’t agree with his ideas still express great respect for him. You can’t say that about Hillary.

8. Bernie got to where he is in the polls without media coverage. He is still not a household name to many … but when people learn hear just a few points of his plan, they are often very excited. I can see it in their faces as I outline his plan to make college tuition free, to expand medicare to single payer , to raise the wage to $15 by 2020, to protect and expand medicare.

9. The engagement of Bernie fans online is HUGE compared with Hillary’s. He engenders enthusiasm and commitment. He is talking a Political Revolution and a lot of folks are committed for the long haul with him.

10 . Bernie’s popularity and grass roots support has far surpassed Obama’s in 08  - again, without media coverage. And he has raised more money from more people by far than Obama had at the same election cycle. Obama also had help from Wall Street then. Bernie outraised Hillary by $5million in January  – all from folks like us … the more people get to know him, the more support …

Oh, and please do NOT listen to the media – they are still saying he has no chance – but they are NOT objective journalists! They are part of the Establishment. Six major corporations are controlling the mainstream TV and print.

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