Are BDEs The New SEOs?

by GuestBlogStar on February 8, 2013

Search Engine Optimizers Gives Way to Business Development Executives

SEO has gone through a dramatic shift over the course of last year. Previously, business owners could rank high for their sites by getting acquiring a large number of low quality links and outputting poor quality content. Throughout the Panda and Penguin updates, business owners have been facing the sawtooth struggle. They would try to use the old SEO methods and get high rankings, only to see the rankings fall as the algorithms changed.

Google Forced a Change in SEO Techniques

As a response to all the changes, SEO has evolved. It’s no longer just about creating content and acquiring backlinks. It is more centered on marketing with some using the term ‘growth hacker’ or the more refined ‘business development executive’ to better accurately describe the role of a search engine optimizer. The focus has shifted more towards inbound marketing and strategic partnerships. It’s all about identifying potential relationships and nurturing them, and deepening the ones you already have.

Refined Targeting

The methods to target websites for business partnerships remains similar to how it was in the past. You start by identifying your target keywords for your business. Then you list the websites that are in the top 50 of the search results for those terms. You want to target websites that have a high PageRank because that shows that website has some kind of authority and relevance in Google’s eyes. The focus however, is not on quick link trades but on establishing relationships.

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Effective Communication

The biggest  problem that business owners face is getting past the gatekeeper. You need to do your research and find out how to reach the decision maker, which will likely be the site owner. Rather than rely solely on email, you might try to find their Google+ and LinkedIn accounts for outreach. LinkedIn is built around business networking and Google+ makes it very easy to communicate with others.

Avoid Blanket Emailing

When sending out messages, you need to avoid messages that resemble a template such as “I saw your website X and I really liked Y. Would you be interested in a link trade?” Avoid sounding like a salesman and don’t try to get into a position where you’re negotiating a deal. Personalize everything, be specific, and get to the point. Here’s an example that you can use.

“Hi (Enter name), I found you through (one of their partners) and quickly became an avid reader. Your articles on (enter subject) are spot on. I agree with you on point A  — or –  I’ve used your strategy for B with X results.

I wanted to know if you’d like to get one of your articles featured on my blog. Our readers are in the same demographic, so I think that your article on x would be perfect for my followers since it achieves X.

I’ve also recently written a great post about (enter subject), I really think your readers will get a lot of value from it. It would be great if you posted that on your site. I can let my readers know that we were featured in your site.

Let me know what you think, please.

Your Name”

Business Development

Focus on offering value first. Pick a piece of their content and tell them you want to post it on your site, try offering samples of your products without anything in return, and offer guest posts if they are accepting spots. If nothing comes from the outreach, just keep in touch and try again. Chances are the leads were probably busy with other projects or missed your message. Do participate on their blog, as well, offering valuable insights and information and asking intriguing questions. Thoughtful, substantive comments demonstrate your understanding of the topic and your ability to express your thoughts in an engaging style.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that you want to cultivate relationships in your market and that’s going to take some time. The beginning of your campaign will be quite slow and it may take you 3-4 weeks to start seeing some decent results. Most website start getting really great results 3-4 months in. It may seem like an uphill battle but once you start to gain some momentum, it will become easier to build relationships, links, and get your content featured on related sites.

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