Increase Your RSS – Tips to Attract More Subscribers

by GuestBlogStar on July 31, 2012

The number of sites that offer RSS feeds has grown very quickly in recent years – partly due to available technologies but also due to an explosion in tablet usage. Despite RSS growth, some site owners are still having a hard time gaining RSS subscribers. Below are a few tips to attracting more RSS subscribers and best practices.

The Pros Of Subscribing To RSS Feeds

RSS feed icon floating in coffee cupRSS is a format that allows visitors to regularly stay informed on the latest updates of their favorite news related sites and blogs. They are not required to access the site each time they want to read the content.

Instead, people subscribe to RSS feeds and download a RSS reader to get the information more quickly and easily. Another advantage is that you ensure your privacy because it’s not necessary to provide an email address as in the situation when you would opt for a distributed newsletter.

Five Tips to Attract More Subscribers

  1. Make sure that your RSS icon is a big one and that is placed above the fold so that people see it easily. Don’t put it only on your homepage. You should display it on every single page of your website. Many users will find your content through search engines or click referrals and may never visit your home page and never see your RSS subscription option.
  2. It’s recommended that you also write a short message under the icon to tell them this will make it possible for them to stay updated with all the news. At the bottom of every post you can encourage them to subscribe. Moreover, it would be great if you’d take the time to write a short post simply to tell people what RSS is and why it’s good for them.
  3. The actual subscription process should have as few steps as possible because readers, especially the ones that are a bit skeptical about the usefulness of this service, don’t want to waste time. They want it all, and they want it now.
  4. When you are commenting on other blogs you can leave your RSS feed link too.
  5. If you want to keep your subscribers, it’s obvious that you must write interesting, valuable, unique and properly formatted content. Update your site consistently because there is no point in trying to gain RSS subscribers if you don’t have any news to share.

Rss icon as foxUse your charisma and try to add a bit of humor to your writing. If you can do that, the job is half done. People appreciate useful information presented in an original way. And they love to laugh.

Daniel Ruyter co-founded Alpha Tree Marketing in 2011 – a firm that specializes in Email marketing for small business.

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