New To Twitter and Feeling Overwhelmed or Confused? Here’s Help!

February 2, 2012

“Twips” For Fledgling Tweeps, Twerps and Silent Birds Have you joined Twitter, but find it too overwhelming or just can’t imagine how to make it work for you? Are there so many Tweets that you find yourself looking a bit bug-eyed like the poor Twerp on the right?  Twitter can have a high signal-to-noise ratio, [...]

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SEO 2012 – What The Future Holds for Social and Search Optimization

January 2, 2012

SEO Predictions For 2011 Reviewed Before I share my prediction for SEO trends in 2012, it seems reasonable to review my Top 5 SEO Predictions for 2011 – a thread I wrote for v7N – and see if I made the mark for the past year. 1. Mobile Search SEO will become as important as [...]

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2012 – Seize the Year!

December 31, 2011

My mother always told me to live each day as though it was my last – and if I buy into Apocalypse 2012, (and even if I don’t) it makes sense to live the coming year as though it were my last. Either way, it makes sense to wave the Carpe Annum banner, doesn’t it? [...]

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Link Building: Christmas Gifts and Gratitude

December 25, 2011

Unless you still believe in Santa Claus and it’s all about “What’s under the tree for ME?” Christmas is about giving. Not just to friends and family, but I hope to the world around us. I was inspired and my spirit raised by the “Secret Santa” movement that started this year. At our local Kmart, [...]

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Putting Your Keywords and Your SEO Bass Ackwards!

December 21, 2011

SEO Should Be Your First Step in Site Design A local business owner called yesterday afternoon and asked if I could help with his site’s SEO. Unfortunately, I work for his competition so I said no, but I had a look at his site anyway.  I’ve seen it before; he’s been in the market for [...]

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Footer Links Don’t Work? They Do If You Have Enough Of Them.

December 19, 2011

Webspam Debate Highlights Effectiveness of Footer Links A few days ago, Joost de Valk of Yoast published a post revealing a questionable tactic of Godaddy. Yoast had grown weary of losing search terms to the host and took a fine tooth comb to its link profile. What Yoast found: Godaddy was winning those terms by [...]

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Will One Post Change The Position of a Page in the SERPs?

December 16, 2011

A few years ago, I (in collaboration with the client’s webmaster) created a new section of content for a Key West Realtor’s site. It was a tourist guide to area events, attractions, shopping, restaurants and bars. We added 6 or 7 new pages of content – all linking to area websites. The webmaster also created [...]

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Misspellings And Typos Lose Luster In Google

August 27, 2011

Google SERPs Now Correct User Queries Misspellings have now become a liability for ranking in Google. In the past, webmasters often included frequently misspelled versions of popular queries for their pages in hopes that their pages would be returned for users who typed the misspelled term into the search bar. In the past, Google presented [...]

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Top Ten SEO Picks To Follow on Google+

August 8, 2011

It seems that Google has finally gotten social right with Google+; twenty five million users now have a profile on the new platform. And while it will be sometime before the search giant’s new social platform catches up with Facebook’s 750 million users, many of the first people to sign up and embrace the new [...]

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Five Free Backlinks For Liking A Facebook Page

August 3, 2011

I “Liked” This Clever Campaign & Got Some New Links I ran across an offer I couldn’t refuse from a webmaster I respect, Wes Lefebrve. He was offering five free backlinks if I would “like” his Page. I do like SEORankings, so I was happy to comply. I added several sites and watched how quickly [...]

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