Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Photo Bloggers

January 29, 2013

When you set up your WordPress photo blog did you skip through the plugin section thinking, ‘I don’t need any of that’ only to later sit in front of your traffic stats and wonder how to get more action on your blog?  Perhaps you shouldn’t have skipped through the plugin page so fast. Go back and [...]

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How to Spot An SEO Phony

January 21, 2013

 …. and How to Avoid Being One When you work in the SEO industry you tend to meet a lot of colorful characters. The allure of working from home and with technology is something that attracts a wide range of people, and the fact that it’s a solitary pursuit that anyone can learn and start [...]

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Oh, Google, You’re So Semantic

January 10, 2013

The world of SEO is always changing and so, as we embark on a new year, it is a good time to look at the way SEO is going and what Google has planned for the future. With updates such as Panda and Penguin being rolled out in recent years, it seems that Google really [...]

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Why Guest Posts Are Like Bridges

January 2, 2013

No matter what your website or business is about, guest posting on other blogs is a fantastic way to grow your traffic and increase your customer base. When you first create a website, it exists all by itself on an island in the middle of the sea of the Internet. The only way that people [...]

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SE Uh-Oh: 8 Common and Costly SEO Mistakes

December 20, 2012

The world of SEO can be both complex and frustrating at times, and more than one person has probably uttered “uh oh” after realizing they’ve made one of any number of these mistakes. SE Uh-Ohs occur more frequently than you might assume, so to avoid  uttering these words yourself, here is a quick list of [...]

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How To Convert Twitter Users Into Buyers

November 26, 2012

Twitter is a lot of fun as a social media platform, and it’s also a great marketing tool. And while there are lots of people who don’t have a Twitter account yet, it can be  those  an excellent way to spread the news about all kinds of things –  including your business — to those [...]

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3 Changes Blogging Will Experience in the Near Future

November 13, 2012

Will blogging be exactly the same in, say, 5 years? Or 10 years? I mean, is it even possible for such a lively thing as blogging to not evolve at all? Sure not, and I’m certain that you realize this too. But what are the possible scenarios? Will we just see new forms of text-based [...]

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Never Have Writers Block Again

November 5, 2012

Essential Tips For Writing With Ease More than ever success on the web involves a lot of writing. Whether you are writing in order to market your product or site, or whether you are writing actual content to fill your blog, or make a guest blog on another site, being able to write well and [...]

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A Guide to Link Building Through Events

October 29, 2012

SEO is changing. Link building is becoming ever more complex and it’s more critical than ever before to have a varied and natural inbound link profile. One such method of link building (and I stress that this is just one method among, quite literally, hundreds, is event hosting and marketing. Taking your marketing efforts offline [...]

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Bloggers And Webmasters! Why You Should NEVER Give Up

October 26, 2012

Essential Lessons For Bloggers And Webmasters Pretty much every webmaster and blogger out there it seems has essentially the same hopes and dreams for their sites. The idea is that they will be able to create a website, do some SEO  — or pay for an SEO service –  write some regular articles and then [...]

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