Comprehensive 2014 Pinterest Guide For Small Business Websites

November 27, 2013

Have you heard of Pinterest but aren’t sure how it can help your business? Have you been advised to get your small business on Pinterest but just don’t know where to begin or how it can help you? This guide’s for you. Pinterest is a social network that has only recently begun making a name [...]

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How The Hummingbird Sings – Online Reputation Management

November 14, 2013

Google’s New Algorithm & Your Company’s Reputation On September 26, 2013, Search Engine Giant  Google  announced a new “Hummingbird” algorithm designed to improve search results for users around the world. The announcement was made at a live event commemorating the 15th anniversary of the company’s founding. As Amit Singhal, the head of Google’s search team, noted,  [...]

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The Rules Have Changed – What to Ask an SEO Before You Hire – or Fire – Them

October 15, 2013

Few small business owners really understand how their websites work – at best they know how to add content on their blog. When it comes to making their sites more visible in the search engines, they probably understand that links help and little more.  Most have never heard of the updates – Panda, Penguin, and [...]

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Three of the Costliest SEO Mistakes DIY Webmasters Make

October 10, 2013

How To Avoid Costly SEO Mistakes As a moderator for V7N and WebProWorld‘s forums, I spend a lot of time reading advice given to and by DIY webmasters. Despite a wealth of information about best SEO practices and the strides Google has made in combatting spam, lots of forum comments still advise people to comment [...]

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Web Design: Going Responsive The Easy Way

October 9, 2013

No matter how much of an expert you are at coding and programming, the likelihood is, you’ll have some challenges when constructing your first few responsive web designs. As a website design agency, it certainly did for us! This is because it requires an substantial adjustment in the way you think. Prior to starting your [...]

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Rethinking Anchor Text – Exact, Partial, Company Name or URL?

October 4, 2013

Anchor Text Lessons From the MOZ 200 for 2013 We’re told that exact match anchor text can work against a page in Google, that the Penguin update targeted that practice, yet in the most recent survey by Moz of leading search marketers,  exact anchor text was perceived by the experts as a significant ranking signal. [...]

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A Rocky Path to Freelance SEO Work, The Inner Interview

October 2, 2013

The explanation of this title is quite simple, yet complicated to say the least. Still confused? Well so was I until recently. I will be explaining what led me to my path to offer clients SEO services which I have been successfully doing for my own websites since 2001. As a result of my inner [...]

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5 Incredibly Designed Travel Websites

September 27, 2013

Travel websites are some of the most under appreciated on the net. Sure, they are a business website and so many people don’t think of them for their creativity. But they have a hard job, and that is inspiring the average viewer to choose what they have to offer above anyone else. Which, in the [...]

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The 10 Commandments Of Google+

September 25, 2013

All the webmaster forums are abuzz with debates on whether Google +1s influence rankings.  Moz said they did, then took it back after  Google Spam Master Matt Cutts said a correlation does not a cause and effect make.  Eric Enge tested and said no, there’s no cause and effect, but Mark Traphagen made a test [...]

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10 Types Of Links Google Hates

September 3, 2013

Avoid These Types of Links and Stay in Google’s Good Graces Are all links bad? It might seem as though search engines — especially Google –  are on a crusade to ban any sort of link building as an SEO tactic. It’s true to a certain extent – Google warns webmasters against any sort of [...]

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