On Categories, Sidebar Navigation and Blog Posts I Want to Read

by mjtaylor on July 24, 2011

It can be overwhelming to start something new – at least for me. I have become engrossed in learning more about Thesis (the theme I’m using for this wordpress blog) and the choices I have in design and layout. I don’t have the time to read everything that seems likely to teach me something that will improve my blog.

At the moment, I am working on my categories and right hand navigation. It all started when I ran across – and actually read – Chris Pearson’s post, What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Categories.  The usual category suspects create unnecessary bloat, Pearson says, and I want to give his suggestion a whirl.

But I certainly don’t want to nab Chris Peasons’s categories, clever as they are: Must Reads, Improve Your Site, and Worth A Look. And I don’t want to use the ubiquitous “Popular Posts” or “Most Read.”  My candidates so far for the popular post cat: Best Of Blog, Epic Posts, and Hot Picks or What’s Hot. I also like these names for categories: Recommended; Top Dog Tips; Tips and Tactics, Latest SEO News (catchy, I know); Bright Ideas, Tricks of the Trade or Trade Secrets; and Stellar SEO. Of course, I do realize that I need to amass a body of posts to make this exercise worthwhile, and this is a little cart before horse. But I’m working on that. The graphic for the navigation header could look could look something like this:

Blog Category Header GraphicAs I peruse other blogs for inspiration on category naming, I run across other posts I want to read. Instead of allowing myself to become distracted, I thought I would just make a list of those and share them.

That last article is exactly what I need as soon as I get the sidebar category navigation sorted out – a way to add my Twitter feed.

Best of Blog GraphicOn the category name, I’m leaning toward “Best of Blog” for “popular posts, but I’d like to hear your opinion. Which of these do you like best:

  •  Best Of Blog
  • Epic Posts
  • and Hot Picks or
  • What’s Hot?

Or make another suggestion, please.


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