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by GuestBlogStar on November 5, 2012

Essential Tips For Writing With Ease

More than ever success on the web involves a lot of writing. Whether you are writing in order to market your product or site, or whether you are writing actual content to fill your blog, or make a guest blog on another site, being able to write well and often is increasingly important.

Many people found when they start working online, that being a writer wasn’t what they had in mind. After all, entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t necessarily great with words. So you might find yourself with writers’ block – struggling with what to write or how to word it and it may feel as though you are wasting time when you should be “working.”  The good news though is that productivity and writing skills can be learned.

Here are a few helpful strategies to help you learn to write more easily and face fewer mental blocks.


I have Google Currents on my Android tablet and every morning I read a few topics from the news, from tech feeds and from other sources. Invariably as I do this over my morning coffee I find myself coming up with numerous different angles that I can use for articles, or ideas that I can use to embellish my old writing. The top blogs in your industry will give you lots of ideas – especially when you disagree with what you read. Controversy is great fodder for blog posts.

Talk (Brainstorm)

At the same time if you speak with people who are inspiring and who know their stuff, then you will generally find that this too enables you to come up with yet more ideas. You can be surprised how bouncing ideas off of someone else helps you to come up with new angles and ideas. Talk with friends, business people you run into at the chamber mixers – and your own employees.

Trawl the Archives

If you run a website or blog, then chances are that you will have written a lot in your time. Your archives  can be a great source of inspiration. Look over your old articles that got the most traffic, and think about how you can freshen it up and make it different. For instance an article you once wrote called ‘How to Increase Your Position in the SERPs’ could be quickly re-imagined as ‘Why is My Ranking So Low?’ – and you’ll probably have lots of fresh points to bring to the table when you discuss this – time has that effect. Of course you can also apply the same kind of logic to articles you didn’t write – read an old magazine and when you find a good article ask yourself, ‘What could make this better?’

Take Notes

Forcing an idea can be difficult, but throughout the day the various different stimuli we encounter will make us more likely to develop great ideas. Make sure that you carry a notepad and a pen to take notes as you go, and then when you get home and start to write you’ll be able to consult a pad of ideas each of which you should be excited for.

Make it More Interesting

If you find you’re struggling to write on the  topic you’ve chosen, it may mean that the way you’re writing it isn’t interesting enough. I always say that if you can’t find the will to carry on writing something, then chances are that no one else is going to want to read it – so take a moment and think about how you can inject a bit more life into the topic with a metaphor, a different viewpoint or something else.

Ben Austin is a London based web entrepreneur and an avid blogger who writes for SeoPositive, which is the leading supplier of high quality, cost effective, budget minded link building services.

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