A Guide to Link Building Through Events

by GuestBlogStar on October 29, 2012

SEO is changing. Link building is becoming ever more complex and it’s more critical than ever before to have a varied and natural inbound link profile.

One such method of link building (and I stress that this is just one method among, quite literally, hundreds, is event hosting and marketing.

Taking your marketing efforts offline and holding a real event that has some real value to people can have a knock on benefit for your link profile and ultimately your SEO efforts.

Here’s a brief guide to link building through event hosting:

1.    Decide Upon Your Audience and Event

Start at the beginning. Who will you invite to your event? If you’re in SEO, could it be small businesses in all sectors? Is it a training event for students? Is it an event targeted at a certain industry?

Before you decide upon the content of your event, make sure you know your audience. If your event isn’t tailored properly, you’ll struggle to make up the numbers!

Decide upon your event format, dates, venues etc. For the purpose of this post, let’s assume we’re going to hold a mini-conference with several speakers.

2.    Pre-Event Link Building

link building illustration with earth and orbitsGet your event listed online wherever you can (this means links!). Eventbrite is an international hub for events – list on Eventbrite. But also make sure to:

  • Try local newspapers with websites with event listings;
  • Run searches in Google for sites listing local events;
  • Ask the venue you’re hosting at (if relevant) for a snippet about your event on their website;
  • Ask any speakers you’ve invited to link to you on their own blogs (if applicable) or to mention the events;
  • Do the same with your sponsors;
  • Use Facebook and Google Plus Listings and other social media such as bookmarking.

Be sure to write unique descriptions of your events for anywhere you post it; this makes your listing much likelier to be indexed by Google, and makes any link you obtain of greater value than if all links have the same anchor text and description.

3.    Links During the Event

  • If applicable to your audience, encourage check ins and live blogging;
  • Make sure you take contact details for everyone who turned up – you’ll need those later;
  • Take photos and video to use on the website and social media post event.

Most importantly, make sure your event, whatever it is, delivers on its promise. Be sure your even offers value to the your audience.

4.    Post Event

  • Create a press release about your event including some quotes from attendees and send to relevant local and industry press outlets and websites. Include photos;
  • Produce a comprehensive write up of the event on your own website including the photographs and video content you took during the event;
  • Write to everyone who attended, pointing them in the direction of the write up and asking them to spot themselves on pictures, etc. Encourage anyone who did enjoy the event to share their thoughts on social platforms or their own blogs and websites and link back to you. If it’s applicable to your business, offering an incentive for other people to write up their thoughts on their site about your event is a great way to encourage people to make the effort to write up the event and you also benefit from some honest, constructive criticism and feedback;
  • Put any relevant presentations from the event on your website and broadcast  the link to your email list, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and any other contacts you have in your social network. Any valuable resource, if openly available, encourages natural links.

What you Get

This type of event based link building gives you access potentially to links from:

  • Local listings websites
  • Global event websites
  • Industry press
  • Attendee websites
  • Speaker websites
  • Press outlets
  • Industry press

And, as a bonus, you could make some valid contacts and start building a degree of authority within your niche area.

This was a contribution by Stacey Cavanagh of Blogsession.co.uk. Stacey’s a UK Digital Marketer with a particular interest in content marketing and link bait.

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