In The Wake of Google’s Penguin – Link Building Strategies 2012

by GuestBlogStar on September 26, 2012

Some site owners have been left shaken in the wake of the big bad Penguin this year. Penguin is the name given to Google’s algorithm update which occurred in April and was intended to curb the use of “spammy,” low quality  link building tactics to enhance the rankings of websites in the eyes of the search engines. Blog networks have lost their value as a viable way to boost organic visibility and many directories have been de-indexed due to their poor quality.  The need to put some creativity into the link building process is now more important than ever as search engines become more advanced and difficult to game. If you are an SEO Marketing Agency or a freelance SEO, it is important to adapt to the ever changing SEO landscape. Here are some good link building tactics to use which will create long term benefits to visitors and websites alike.

Guest Blogging

Posting content on another website and linking back to yours helps both you and the owner of the site you’re guest blogging for. Although this is a great link building tactic it could be in danger of becoming overused and therefore lose it’s value. Quality content which is useful to humans and not machines, is key here, as is relevancy of the website you’re posting on, to yours.

Collages of Link Images


Although some SEO’s feel this tactic is becoming rather long in the tooth, I feel it still adds value if done correctly. By that I mean provides unique, useful and interesting information that is special enough to convince people to link to it.

Avoid Overuse Of Money Keyword Anchor Text

Keywords like ‘car insurance’ are money keywords, and to rank well in the search engines, link builders have overused these keywords in anchor text. This shows an unnatural link profile to the search engines which devalues any potential link equity which may be passed on. Link profiles need to look as ‘natural’ as possible. Don’t be afraid to liberally use non money keyword terms such as ‘click here’, ‘short phrases such as this’ or the site url.

Build Long Term Online Relationships

Modern SEO is becoming more and more like traditional marketing and PR. A good long term link building strategy should include building relationships with influencers in your market niche through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Simply asking for a link won’t really cut it anymore so get online schmoozing, network and get to know people in your niche and allow them to get to know you. If you work hard enough at his, quality links which provide long term value, will follow.

Build Links To Internal Pages

Many inexperienced link builders sometimes forget to build links to important internal pages. Of course the home page needs to ranks well for your main keywords, but using your internal pages to capture long tail traffic is a good way to gain greater exposure for your blog or website.

Alastair Kane works as a copywriter and SEO Executive for Strategic Internet Consulting who can provide International SEO Services and Joomla web development and are situated in West Sussex, UK.

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