Link Building: Christmas Gifts and Gratitude

by mjtaylor on December 25, 2011

Web Surfin' Santa

Web Surfing Santa Says Count Your Blessings

Unless you still believe in Santa Claus and it’s all about “What’s under the tree for ME?” Christmas is about giving. Not just to friends and family, but I hope to the world around us. I was inspired and my spirit raised by the “Secret Santa” movement that started this year. At our local Kmart, more than 15 Secret Santas donated more than $5,000 to pay off the layaways of less fortunate folks.

I was reminded that I am the one who benefits most when I give. It makes me feel good – whether it’s an anonymous gift (the best kind) or a public act. And it’s not just a holiday opportunity; it’s a question I think we should ask ourselves every day. What can I do for someone else today? How can I make a difference in the world? How can I say thank you for all my blessings? And what did I see on my way home from a Christmas Eve party last night? An inspiring sign hung on a teddy bear:

Santa says: Count Your Blessings. If you get to 15 you have everything!

So, I decided to count 15 blessings in my online world and give a link to each of them. Of course, a link from a post on this post might be nice, but a long established page with toolbar PR5 might be an even nicer way to say thanks so I have added Internet folks on a page dedicated to internet marketing.

I hope you will look around your online world today and figure out a way to give something back – whether it’s a link, a ReTweet or sharing some information. I do believe what goes around comes around. And I know that linking out is useful for SEO as well as Karma. You’re saying to Google and other search engines: this is my neighborhood and I am sticking/linking to it.

Merry Christmas: no matter what your faith, I wish for you an Attitude of Gratitude and Giving.


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