How to Track Viral Trends to Create Great Web Content

by GuestBlogStar on October 15, 2012

If you’re writing content for a website or trying to make money blogging, it pays to know what’s hot online. That means you need to know where to find viral topics. Whether you check trending topics on Twitter or find news trends on NewsWhip, you can create content that will have people rushing to your website and coming back for more.

Here are a few tips on how to track viral trends to create great web content.

Get the Best From BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is able to provide readers with some of the hottest trends through the use of technology that gathers what’s hot on the web. It has actually become the third most popular source for viral content. The website features some of the web’s most popular content and posts the content through blog posts or in a list. This is one site you must not miss. Check BuzzFeed’s Trending Topics.

Twitter Bird Singing hashtags

Hashtags can help you track trends on Twitter

Check Trending Topics on Twitter

First of all, if you don’t have a Twitter account, you should. Anyone who expects to make it in the content world needs to Tweet. Even if you don’t Tweet, you still need to visit Twitter to check out the Trending Topics. This is a list of the most talked about topics on Twitter. With several millions users worldwide, it pays to check out these trends. Twitter’s home page will show you the hottest tweets and topics, but a search for your industry term will allow you to see what’s hot in your niche. Several websites, such as Twist and Sites like TwitterUrly will tell you how many times a URL has been Tweeted.

View the First Page of Reddit

Reddit is often the source of some of the web’s hottest content. Much of what goes viral was posted to Reddit first. Content creators should definitely be in tune with this website so that they can get in on the fastest spreading content. The most popular content, which has been upvoted, will be featured on the first page.

Discover Upcoming Trends on What’s Trending

What makes this site so unique is that What’s Trending predicts what will be trending in the near future. This can be worth taking a shot. If you’re willing to devote just one post a day to topics that might become popular, you could beat out the competition. Of course, the site also offers current trending topics.

Find News Trends at NewsWhip

Last, but not least, those that cover news topics can not afford to miss out on NewsWhip. NewsWhip collects trending news topics from over 5,000 news sources. Check the site often so that you can get your content up before other content writers and bloggers.

Paying attention to trending topics can help you bring in more readers. Whether you’re following news topics or just want to learn what’s hot across the web, these are some of the best sites to track viral trends.

About the Author: Ming Esteve loves creating web content for her own sites and is always looking for the hottest topics. She loves to write about business needs, the importance of choosing the right business phone numbers, and communication technologies.

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