Five Free Backlinks For Liking A Facebook Page

by mjtaylor on August 3, 2011

I “Liked” This Clever Campaign & Got Some New Links

SEORankings Facebook Page

5 Free Links If You Like This Page

I ran across an offer I couldn’t refuse from a webmaster I respect, Wes Lefebrve. He was offering five free backlinks if I would “like” his Page. I do like SEORankings, so I was happy to comply.

I added several sites and watched how quickly the pages were cached. Three of the sites’ new pages were cached within a few days – in a couple of cases, the pages were cached the same day I added the link.  Two domains, however were not cached by Google. I tried Tweeting and bookmarking and Google has still not indexed them. The Tweet was even ReTweeted a couple of times.

 So, I thought I would link them in a blog post and see how quickly they are picked up: Unindexed Link 1 and Unindexed Link 2.

I will check these daily and report back on how quickly those pages are indexed.

So, for liking a FB Page, and spending less than 5 minutes hooking up a site, the site got 3 indexed, followed backlinks in short order. One of the site also links to the most popular pages, providing some deep links.

Bonus Points: Wes also gives some offers some bonus resources where you can get free links, but that require registration. A couple of those were new to me and I am always pleased to find a new hook up! I say it’s worth “liking” SEORankings Facebook Page and the few minutes it takes to get some new links.

Here’s the page to get your 5 free links for Liking SEORankings Facebook Page. Be sure to leave a comment (it’s another followed link to your site), and tell Wes M.-J. Taylor of Cyber Key sent you, please.

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Wes August 3, 2011 at 8:01 pm

Thanks for testing this out M.-J. That’s been my experience as well. Three of them usually get indexed rather quickly on their own.

For anyone who “likes” the Facebook page, please be sure to leave a comment on the post or send me a message so I know where to send the links to.

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