Facebook vs Pinterest: 5 Things You Should Know

by mjtaylor on August 8, 2012

A current refrain from clients these days is, What? Another social networking opportunity!?! Do I have to get involved with Pinterest now? I Tweet, I update my Facebook Page, I blog. Is there a real value to an online bulletin board if I’m not planning a wedding? Isn’t Facebook enough Facetime?

Boticca.com, the world’s online destination for unique jewellery and fashion, has published some rather interesting market research on the habits of social media users on Facebook and Pinterest. It has tens of thousands of followers the two platforms, so it was in the perfect position to look into the activity on both and compare them.

infographic - pinterest vs facebook Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned was researched and compiled by Boticca.

The research revealed some cool facts about people’s activity on social media. For example, while Pinterest has the power to attract more new users, those users are not as actively engaged as those on Facebook. Conversion rates, too, are 51% lower on Pinterest as they are Facebook.

As social media continues to grow exponentially around the world, the scope for extra sales for e-retailers is bigger than it has ever been. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the rise of social media, so research findings like these are only going to motivate brands to concentrate more of their efforts on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

The question becomes: how do you make each platform work for you? For at least one of my clients, Spirals of Light, a purveyor of handmade gemstone jewelry, it would seem that the deeper pockets and the power to attract a wider audience makes it worthwhile.

How do you use Pinterest? Please feel free to leave your Pinterest link in the comments, and please come Pin Me Up!

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