Creative Thinking Leads To Positive Linking

by mjtaylor on July 26, 2011

Linking Outside The Box

What’s the secret to building quality links  to your website? I believe creative thinking leads to quality linking. You have to get outside the proverbial box. Link exchanges and article marketing, forum posting and the run of the mill self service methods will only take you so far.

Thinking outside the box

Thinking Outside The Box by Paul Foreman

An Out of the Box Example: Incentive Linking

I ran across a clever link marketer today. A perfect example of  a creative link campaign and the inspiration for this post.  In an article with a stop-you-in-your- tracks headline, Get Over Yourself And Give Me A Link (please), Debra Mastaler shared a successful link strategy for a client with a concrete business. Talk about a site that could get stuck in the mud trying to trade links!

Mastaler identified a need for information in the industry when she learned that the industry association was losing membership because of current economics.
More than 100 pages of useful content were added to her client’s website. Once the resource was in place, Masteler sent emails to companies that would find the information helpful and made them an offer:

“Reprint our content or link to our resource center and we’ll send each of your employees a free tee-shirt.”

The promotion was very successful.

Resource pages have always been one of my favorite styles of attracting links and traffic. Many of my clients have visitor oriented businesses in Key West and the lower Florida Keys. Local travel guides provide helpful information that users tend to bookmark, and local businesses are often happy to link back to a site that is already linking to them. Masteler didn’t just provide a resource, though, she went another step and provided an incentive to link.

Guest Blogging

Okay, this isn’t thinking outside the box, but if you write creatively enough, and have a particular voice or an unusual way to explain information, guest blogging can be a terrific way to not just get a link but to expand your audience and brand your business. Most of the guest blogging I’ve done is a result of relationships I’ve established on the forums I frequent. But if you don’t have connections to webmasters that could use your writing services, swing over and sign up on, a blogging community that connects blog owners with writers.

Industry and Local Relationships

You should expect a link from your industry association and your local chamber of commerce, but look further in your community for other ways to link up. If you patronize the arts, look for opportunities to donate money to your town’s symphony orchestra or theater that include a link from the organization’s website. Charitable causes such as local hospitals may also offer link opportunities.

Other Creative Link Opportunities

Join HARO – Help A Reporter Out

This website sends out three email newsletters a day that outlines the stories journalists and bloggers are wooking on and what sort of information they need. If you think you are the source they want, you can email the reporter directly from the newsletter. If they like what you have to say, they will get back to you.  Sign up here:

Link Building Resources:

Graphic from  Mind Map Art by Paul Foreman

Your Turn:

Can you add a creative link idea to the mix?

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