Chime.In – Ding Dong: It’s Your New Best Bookmarking Site!

by mjtaylor on March 14, 2012

Knock, knock! Ding, dong! It’s time to open the door on a new social bookmarking site and

Oh, no, you say, not another social site! That’s what I said when I learned I simply must start using Google+ – and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Or, more accurately, the habit of it. But since Google no longer seems to count Twitter links, and Google+ pages *are* a ranking signal, I really need to get past my resistance. I also resisted Pinterest, and now I am loving it!

chime-in-social-bookmarkingI just found about a week ago. I had paid someone to bookmark a new Squidoo page I wrote for a client and one of the bookmarks was from this newer site.  Something possessed me to Google the title we were using in bookmarks, and the bookmark popped right up. Above the newly indexed page. Hmmm. I bookmarked another page on and that bookmark soon showed up in the SERPs.  I’m finding Chimes all over the SERPs.

It would appear that creates a nice link for a new page, and gets sends the spiders to a page like a hungry dog to its dinner bowl.

How Would You Like To Get Paid For Your Social Shares?

There’s also a silver lining that will ensure catches a lot of attention – it will pay you to share information, links, videos and pictures!  Bill Gross, the CEO of UberMedia,  says users will get paid 50% percent of the revenue  earns from selling advertising on their profile pages.

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This could be fun! I hope you will join me on – and say hello. I will definitely add you back. Find me here: I haven’t started any communities yet – or joined any — but that’s another feature that defines ChimeIn. Let’s explore it together!

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