Bloggers And Webmasters! Why You Should NEVER Give Up

by GuestBlogStar on October 26, 2012

Essential Lessons For Bloggers And Webmasters

Pretty much every webmaster and blogger out there it seems has essentially the same hopes and dreams for their sites. The idea is that they will be able to create a website, do some SEO  — or pay for an SEO service –  write some regular articles and then watch as this over time results in a huge influx of traffic. Pretty soon. they think, they’ll be raking in the big bucks and can quit  their day job. Why, who knows, they will probably come to be known as an expert on their topic, with fan mail to answer. And, the fantasy goes on, maybe one day they will be asked to host their own TV show!

Getting Started In SEO

The problem is that this dream doesn’t happen for most of us – at least not right away. There are just too many people all with the same dream and obviously not everyone can be a huge hit. As such then it can be years before you even get a sniff of success and even if you have the traffic this may not necessarily equate to riches and fame. And so these people give up, and so they guarantee the only way possible that they will never be hugely famous thanks to their blog.

And the thing that makes this all the more painful? The simple fact that if they had have carried on plugging away for another year they probably would have started to be a hit.

Being a huge success on the web actually is fairly easy and the most important factor is the one thing that these people are clearly lacking – commitment and perseverance. The reality is that it’s actually very hard to keep working on a website and for it not to become a hit eventually. Here are just a couple of reasons why.

You Get Better

Notebook For Writing

If you are being smart then you’ll be regularly writing articles, making content and creating products and all this time you’ll be paying careful attention to what’s working and what isn’t. In other words you’ll be using various techniques and getting continuous feedback on how well it’s going. This then means that you can quickly see what’s going well and what’ not and that will mean that you will learn to get an innate feel for what’s going to be a hit article and for which SEO techniques are the most effective or which companies do the best job.

In other words you will be constantly evolving and iterating and getting better. Eventually you will become an expert even if you never were and then of course you’ll be a hit.

Volume is a Winner

Google logo

The changes to Google mean that quality is much more important these days than quantity, and for serious business men and women who care about their reputation this has always been the case. However that said there is still something to be said for simply creating hugely vast amounts of content and building incredible numbers of links.

If you write an article every day that gets to page ten of Google for a couple of keywords then that will probably get you about two hits a month. Not much of a living sure, but now let’s fast forward three year to the point where you’ve written 1,095 articles and that’s then 1,095 hits a month. Now consider the fact that among these 1,095 links at least a few of them are going to be successful, and that some of these visitors are going to become regulars and give you free links… and well you get the idea – even the slowest growth imaginable with this amount of effort would eventually start to snowball in a big way and make you big profits. You’ve already started so you already have a great foundation for success – don’t you dare give up now…

Tom Koh is an avid blogger and an expert in internet marketing. He has enlisted sites which do not  purchase web traffic  through SEO services in his blogs.

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