7 Smart SEO Strategies That Will Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

by GuestBlogStar on May 7, 2013

Targeted traffic is traffic from people who have a proven interest in your niche. Generating targeted traffic your site isn’t by any means an easy task, but developing SEO strategies to get this type of traffic is vital if you want to get your ROI and make it profitable. Below are 7 smart SEO strategies that have been proven to direct highly targeted traffic to your site.

Include Long-Tail Keywords in Blog Posts

If your site doesn’t have a blog section for your clients then you should start one ASAP. Blogs can benefit your company in a number of ways, most importantly by driving highly targeted traffic. You can increase this effect by using long-tail keywords in post titles, which can increase their position in the SERPS. Make sure to use low competition keywords whenever possible by using the Google Keyword Tool. The fewer sites you are competing with, the easier you will increase page rank and see more targeted traffic.

Create Do-Follow Blog Comments

Another smart internet marketing strategy is to comment on blogs that have a similar theme to your own, especially if they allow do-follow comments which link back to your site. Your comments should include your keywords as anchor text; this is one of the most efficient ways to boost targeted traffic. Not only is this great organic internet marketing but it also gives you the opportunity to build relationships with other bloggers, which can be beneficial down the road.

Target 3 to 5 Keywords for Each Site Page

When making webpages or blog posts, you should intend to rank for at least 3 keywords which will attract more relevant visitors to your site. This is easily accomplished by combining keywords on your page’s title, body content and URL. Keyword density counts as well; you should aim for at least 1% but less than 4% as there are penalties for keyword stuffing in the SERPS.

SEO tactics for targeted traffic

Get Into Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on relevant sites is another tried and true method for picking up targeted traffic. Guest blogging can give you higher quality links and  improve your overall position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In addition to being in your niche, make sure the sites that host your guest blog  have a decent PageRank and get a respectable amount of traffic. Check SEOMoz or Majestic SEO tools to assess their quality.

Participate in Relevant Forums

Posting in forums related to your niche is a great start for any internet marketing campaign. To get the best results, you should participate on high traffic and high PR forums. Build up a reputation as an expert in your industry and be sure to network. This should not just be about link building but about building relationships as well. The half an hour or so you spend a day in the forums can have a huge payoff.

Make Your Posts Interlink

Linking your current blog posts to previous ones is one of the most effective SEO strategies you can use. Whenever you mention a keyword that can be associated with other posts make sure to link to it. This will not only make it easier for search engines to explore your site but will also give your readers more relevant content to look at which in turn keeps them on your site longer.

Submit Articles

Article submission is probably the most well-known internet marketing strategy around, and for good reason; it works. It is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build targeted traffic as well as relevant links which will give your site a huge advantage in the SERPS. When it comes to SEO strategies, the most important benefit of article submission is that these links build up on their own through sharing. This is especially true if you deliver quality, content that brings value to your readers. The more popular article directories are EzineArticles GoArticles and ArticlesBase but there are hundreds more.

For internet marketing newbies, these SEO strategies might seem daunting but all it really takes to generate targeted traffic is a knowledge and work. If you do your homework and take the time to understand the industry you will see targeted visitors and higher profitability in no time.

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