5 Annoying Facebook Status Updates

by GuestBlogStar on September 5, 2012

People use Facebook to share information about their jobs, their families, their thoughts and their interests, but sometimes, people abuse their ability to share information with other people and use Facebook in the most annoying of ways.

Just because Facebook allows you to have a voice doesn’t mean that you have to use it, especially if you’re using it to post one of these five most annoying Facebook status updates.

1. Marketing your business.

Yes, Facebook does connect you with people that you knew in grade school, and high school and now. It gives you access to reach people you couldn’t easily reach without the social network, but Facebook is not the place to market your business. Realtors need to stop asking people for listings. Representatives of Body By Vi need to stop soliciting people to attend one of their events and drink their shakes. If you do it once, fine. But when you post something new every 30 seconds about it, people will start blocking you.

facebook logo with $ sign and circle bar

Take Your Business out of your Status Updates

2. Being vain.

Calling all people who post pictures of themselves or talk about their latest achievements—stop being so self centered. Nobody cares that you think you look hot or that you can still fit in your prom dress. Acting this way doesn’t make you lovable, and no, people aren’t jealous. We think you’re emotionally challenged and need the support of Facebook friends you barely know.

3. Spewing politics.

This has gotten worse now that it’s an election year, but save your political views for the right time and place. You can brag all you want about how great your party is, or why the other party is trash. You can even post silly images that “validate” your views, but guess what? Nobody is going to see your political statements on Facebook and suddenly switch to becoming a supporter of your party. It’s great that you’re passionate, but don’t try and make all of your Facebook friends feel the same way you do.

Democrat ass kicks republican elephant

Find Somewhere Else To Kick Political Ass

4. Syncing Twitter with Facebook.

Facebook is not Twitter and Twitter is not Facebook. If you have both social networks, that’s great. Use them both as separate entities and stop pushing your tweets to your Facebook page. If you have the same followers on both networks, your following will be annoyed to read the same messages twice. If you don’t have the same following, your Facebook friends will be annoyed when your hashtags and @ mentions start clogging up their news feed.

5. Sings a song, sounds like she’s singing.

We all have a favorite song, and we all have songs that get stuck in our heads every now and then, but there’s no reason for them to be on Facebook. Most people don’t read the lyrics when they’re posted, and most of the time, people don’t give an explanation as to why they’re even posting the lyrics from that specific song. Save your song lyrics for karaoke night at your local bar, and think of something else to share through your Facebook status.

Facebook is a social network for you to share information with your friends—not a place for you to annoy everyone. If you don’t want to be a Facebook nuisance, make sure you’re not using these five Facebook updates.

Lizzie Evans is a marketing educator and strategist for SEOMap.  Visit her at www.seomap.com to improve your knowledge of keyword strategy and selection.

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